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Lil Somethin Somethin

"Mr. Jackson, what are you talking about?

Well I've heard about those parties, they're immoral.

Mr. Jackson, I thought you were respectable gentlemen.

Now, don't give me that respectable gentlement bullshit,

you little bitch."

Mr. Jackson?

"Now, stop playing dumb, you dizzy cunt."

Hey baby, I heard you like to freak

Then come out to play with me

[Shaggy 2 Dope]

Hey, what's up, I'm new in town

I work for the circus, Shaggy the Clown

Anyway, ole girl, I seen you around

I guess I'm trying to say that I wanna be down, hey

We had ice cream, sat in the park

I walked her all the way home when it got dark

She took me inside and when the door shut

Next thing ya know I had my nuts in her butt, hey

[Violent J]

I wanna bitch whose down to fuck right away

And even does my homies if it's okay

A little bitch that's down for a quicky

I love chicky chicky, I ain't being picky though

So you might be a little bit fat

You might even stink a bit, I don't mind that

Even if you don't fuck on the first date

Just put my nuts in your mouth and I'll stay

[Shaggy 2 Dope]

I need a girl who just don't give a fuck

So, I'm caught strokin' her mom, I mean, so what

A little skins here and there, ain't nothing

I just need a bitch whose down with a lil somthin somthin

[Chorus (2x)]

Hey baby, I heard you like to freak

Then come out to play with me

[Violent J]

My name's Violent J, so I can't fuck around

Who's the dirtiest bitch in the whole town

There she go, she workin' at Dairy Queen

Bitch couldn't be a day over fifteen

So I do her in the butt like that

I hit it so quick, I made he

Insane Clown Posse

Lil Somethin Somethin / Insane Clown Posse

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