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House Of Horrors

"Hey there, do you like excitement?" (yeah)

"Do you like suspense?" (uh huh)

"Do you like Nel Carter?" (no)

"Good cuz you won't find her here, this is the house of horrors

And for you it's absolutely free, step right in" (thanks)

"Say no more stupid ass, your face says enough"

[Violent J]

Woboogawoo WAAA!! Welcome to the House of Horrors

Were you born in a barn, shut the fuckin door

You see, damn, cuz I'm about to scare you

Blubablubabluba, okay now I dare you

Close your eyes, open up your mouth, and count to ten

Don't wanna, huh, cuz you know my nuts are going in

I'm twisted, I'll cut your finger off, and stick in your butt

Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and glue it shut

This is when I get crazy, lemme show you something

Brrrr! You know what that means, it don't mean nothin, haha

But it scared you cuz people don't be doing that shit

But me brrr! bitch brrr! I'm all about it (brrrr!!!)

Guess what I'm a serial killer, it's a bad habit

I killed Tony, Lucky Charms, the silly rabbit, UH!

Cut the lights, see that shit, I'm glowing

Alright, I'm done, turn em back, wait, where you going?

Welcome to the house of horrors

[Chorus (1x)]

Comes from within me

Comes from within me, horrors, eh

"Honey, I'm not having a good time"

"I know. Come on, this must be the way out."

[Shaggy 2 Dope]

Hey, what the fuck, come here guys, grab a chair

Don't mind me drinkin' my beer in my underwear

Come on, let's play some cardback, I just gotta story

"Hey keep it down in there Shaggs, what the hell?" sorry

Look at that shit, "what?", you almost got me grounded

I'm a have to take your forehead and pound it

I'll bend you over and tie you

Insane Clown Posse

House Of Horrors / Insane Clown Posse

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