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Mom Song

[Violent J]

This is for mom

Miss Linda Harwood

Miss Cathy Hill

This is for you.

I respect my mother

With every step I take

She was there for my first step

In the first place

Everybody wants out on their own

Now that I'm grown

I wanna be back home

In a world full of vipers

Only my mother's love was righteous

I feel I've been to hell and back three times

I could never sum it up with these rhymes

Looking for a story to share

With somebody, but they never seem to care

While I'm looking for this person everywhere

I'm slippin', cause my mom is right here

Life moves along so fast

When I see real love at last it's past

That ain't gonna happen to me

I can hear my conscience rapping to me

It's like "Hey, you've only got one real friend

From the cradle, to the grave, and back again."

With unconditional love

That's my mother I'm speakin' of.

That's just the way it is (That's just the way it is)

My love will never change (My love will never change)

That's just the way it is (That's just the way it is)


And I know it's true

Even in my darkest time

In my darkest hour

When my heart is blind

And I'm giving nobody respect

My mother's there to put my ass in check

And she don't play that mister famous trash

She was putting them diapers on my ass

She's seen every side of me

It don't matter how thuggish I'd try to be

NAW every week in the back yard

Now I'm in the big time, trying to act hard

What mattered when I looked a years back

Was mamma, bringing the chairs back

Supportin' every dream I got

You best believe, man, I dreamed a l

Insane Clown Posse

Mom Song / Insane Clown Posse

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