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Under The Moon

I'm still here under the moon [2x]

[Violent J]

I was just a child but you seemed like so much more

The way you would approach me and drift across the floor

I'd see you in the hall, and you'd kiss me with a smile

I never understood it, was I even worth your while?

The others kids at school, they would hate me and they'd spit

Cuz I was just a no one, to them I wasn't shit

But you would always help me and stand there by my side

We were only seventeen, we'd be together till we died

But then it all happened on the ever dreadful day

Somebody tried to rape you and now I'll make him pay

You pointed him out to me, my thoughts began to race

I took my daddy's forty-five and shot him in the fucking face!!!

I did it all for you, and though I'm facing years

I would do the time just to equal all your tears

The last thing that you told me when I left the courtroom

Is that we'd always be together, cuz we're both under the moon

[Chorus (1x)]

I'll forever love you, even if you're doomed

We'll always be together cuz we're both under the moon

[Violent J]

I sit here in my cell and the walls are made of stone

I justified your pain, but now I sit alone

I write another letter, I write one every day

I never got a letter back, I write em anyway

I try to call collect, your number has been changed

I'm staring at the lightbulb and I start to feel the rage

You never came to visit me, I sit facing the glass

No one's on the other side, now it's in the past

My head is always spinning, I'm pounding at the wall

I feel like I'm forgotten, no sign of you at all

You're probably getting married, you're probably getting fucked

I'll break out of this

Insane Clown Posse

Under The Moon / Insane Clown Posse

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