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Play With Me

[Children laughing, Toy cranks up]

Hey [x54]

[1st Verse - Violent J]

Every year it's more of us and all we do is fill the box

You might play with me at first, a couple days, a week at tops

Just like your Atomic Supersonic Retro Plasma Car

We will all get tossed inside just like the piece of shit we are

I will be your fantasy imaginary special friend

I can fill you, I relate, with you no need to talk to them

But instead you toss me in the box, leave me to rott away

Hoping you'll pick me again someday...hey, hey

[Chorus - Violent J]

Why don't you come play with me and take me to the other side (take me to the

other side)

Lost under Ann Raggedy it's lonley when your locked in side (It can be so

lonley) [x2]

[2nd Verse- Violent J]

I will sit and listen to your bibble babble jibber talk

But when you go in tonight you'll leave me out here on the walk

You'll ignore your little friend or trade me for something instead

Please come get your doggie, don't let him chew off my fucking head

All your mom and daddy do is work and fight, that's all they do!

I can understand the way you feel because I feel it to

But you'll leave me in the box and I can barley hear you play

Lost umong the toys of yesterday, hey(hey)hey(hey)hey



Boys and girls, fuck that old crusty shit

Come down and get your brand new, ha, shiny

slimy, atomic shithead

(Super, duper!)


(S-s-s-s-sonic, sonic)


[3rd Verse - Violent J]

I can see you near the bed when I look through this tiny crack

You become much older now and I don't see you turning back

Seven years in darkness I can only hope my wish comes t

Insane Clown Posse

Play With Me / Insane Clown Posse

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