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Love Song

"Hello, and welcome back to Pillow Talk

I hope you're with your bitch

Cuz it's time to get cozy with the ICP

So wind back with a sparkling glass of Faygo

While Violent J tells you the poetry

That just makes the bitches melt

Only on WLUV"

"Hello, baby

I was thinking about you

So I wrote this song

I like to dedicate this to the love

That has expressed from you and I

So just sit back and enjoy"

[Violent J]

Eh, yo, bitch, come over here and let me kick it to ya

Tried to stick my nuts in ya then I never knew ya

Cuz your ugly and you know you can't hide that

So what you look like a chicken with a hunchback

Oh, it doesn't matter that you from down south

If you talk like it, I'm a smack you in your mouth

Bitch, I admit it, I'm quick to hit a woman hey

But that's okay, cuz bitch, I'm Violent J

And I'm a southwest mack daddy juggalo

And you're nothing but a two-bit stankin' ho

But I love you and I hope you realize that

I don't care about the hair growing out your back

Smoking that blunt, drink some Mad Dog through the night

And your ugly bitch turns into Karen White

And I stick my wing-wang in the middle

I like a filthy-ass ho, the kind that make your nuts shrivle

[Chorus (2x)]

Bitch, I'm knocking at your door

Let me get some neden, ho

Bitch, you're ugly, that's okay

I'm finna hit it anyway

[Violent J]

I guess you want me to take you on a big date

But what you're saying don't sound all that straight

All I wanna do is feel your butt and squeeze your titties

Cuz I can't feed your fat ass on a buck fifty

Let's make love my sweet little dove

I wouldn't get near that neden without

Insane Clown Posse

Love Song / Insane Clown Posse

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