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House Of Mirrors

"Ladies and gentlemen, the house of mirrors

For just one bet, venture through this wonderful exhibit

See yourself in all the weird shapes and sizes

You, young man, would you like to go into the house of mirrors

Well, okay

Have a good time, son

And good luck finding your way out

Wait a minute, I don't like it in here

Hey, wait a minute, let me out of here

Let...there's dead bodies in here

There's dead bodies in here

I don't like it in here!!!"

[Violent J]

Step inside, come my way

This here is your fatal day

You have lied, they have cried

Now your life has been denied

Look into the big mirror

Your reflection is so clear

Devil's head, rotting flesh

With the snakes inside your chest

In the mirror you can't hide

You've been granted Jacob's lide

Whipping fear, spinning pain

All you crying is in vain

You're the beast you never knew

This reflects the things you do

Others starving down the block

Richie's heart is like a ro

Insane Clown Posse

House Of Mirrors / Insane Clown Posse

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