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Night Of The Axe

Shit, I can't fucking take this

All this fucking pressure, I'm dying

Make me go motherfucking crazy

I got all these motherfuckers

Every where I go

They gonna come down on me

([Background:] Why don't you get a job, man?)

Oh no, here they come, man

Stop it, man, stop it, man

I can't fucking take it, HAHAHAHAH

Come on, man HAHA HAHA

There's no ouhahahat

Showed up at your high school prom

With an axe in my motherfucking palm

And I jumped out the first date swinging

Necks and backs went flinging and a toe

I went psychopathic

Choping throats with a hatchet

Cuz they try to get me

So I took a head with me

Ran down the hall butt-naked

If you gotta life I'm a take, huh

Cuz I got it going on

And I broke to the female john (AAAH!)

Motherfuckers think I'm sick

You ever seen a bitch take a shit, fuck dat

A lot of dookie-ass beef

Cuz female shittin' is news to me

Climbed up the fire escape

How many lives can one motherfucker take?

One life, two life, three life, four

Throw me a mach 10 I'll vow to take more

Fifty lives coming out, eighty

Fuck this, I'm finna whoop this lady

Tied the bitch up to the lightpost

Slapped her in her face cuz I'm psycho

Beat her down and beat her up

......Fucking slut

So bitch make me wonder

Kicked her gut and left my number

Call me, fucking nympho

Then I threw her out the window

Broke and I climbed up a tree, guy

Came back down, I don't know why

Straight up insanity

Damn, if it ain't a family

I hope they come home soon

Cuz I'm waiting in the bedroom

I'm gone and I ditched the ride

And left the dead Wilsons inside

Jetting and I'm

Insane Clown Posse

Night Of The Axe / Insane Clown Posse

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