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In The Haughhh!

I'm Violent J

I breath toxic fumes and throw my lungs up

all over your brand new patten-leather penny loafers

You fuck!

I'm 2dope

I got sick ass sewer sludge stuck in my throat

And I live in a big pipe on Sog Island

So stop by and have a bowl of rust, you fucking bitch-ass faggot

Faggot, you bitch ass faggot

I'm in the south-west detroit, Del-ray

In a city, ghetto street-gang

I got people who want me dead

But everytime they run up on me, I get scared

And my skull explodes

All over those motherfuckers

Sometimes I get hungry, man, but it ain't nothing

But it ain't nothing in the box but a brick sandwich

So I start hurting that motherfucker

And I chew on that bitch until my jaw breaks

Which don't fade me, cause I'm a hoodlum

And I don't exist to you fucks (you fucks)

You green-grass fucks

Fuck me, and I'll fuck you, fucker

We comin', motherfucker

We coming to get ya

Coming to get ya

How ya see me is what ya get

How ya see me is what ya get

Carnival of carnage is coming

How ya see me is what ya get

I was snookin' good in my bed

Woke up to find my brain fell out my head

Stuffed it back in with a screwdriver, I'm that much liver

I can walk on my hands on a tight rope

But then I always fall, and bust my ass.

But it really don't matter (really don't matter) (don't matter) don't

matter, cause I'm in the haugh

In the haugh, in the haugh

Violent, Violent J's in the motherfucking haugh

I'm in the haugh, you's in the haugh

We in the motherfucking what? Haugh!

(With the wiked town, south west gang, wicked joker's

kill, southwest thrill)


Insane Clown Posse

In The Haughhh! / Insane Clown Posse

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