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Never Had It Made

First I was born young and healthy

I told my mother one day I'd be wealthy

Can't forget my first day at school

Got stabbed in the head with a pencil, but it's cool

Get my education

A job and a family, a good reputation

And what about grade two?

Got shot in the neck and the bullet went straight through

But I'm packing a textbook

Don't fuck with me cuz I'm going to grade three

Thank god it's lunch in a minute

Bit into my hot dog with a razor blade in it

And it cut my tongue off

But I know how to multiply so what's up, boss

Finally had to step out

I dropped out of school when they ripped my neck out

Who knows where the road led?

Seen a man with a briefcase and no head

So I'm like fuck that

Show me a quarter and an ounce of crack

And I'm straighter than a fucking lightpost

I sold a lot of crack but I bought the most

Now I'm a basehead down on my luck

Roaming the streets and got hit by a Mack Truck

And thrown about a block

But I'm thinking nothing but gimme a rock

Holding my sign I'll work for crack

With my old-ass E.T. shirt on my back

And I'm sleeping in the gutter

Right next to Jam Town's mother

I'm eating dead rats in the street

I keep on checking for my ownheart beat

Now I'm weighing at a buck-o-five

Twitchy little neck and I'm barely alive

Got my first taste of life in hell

I ate a dead, shh, but don't tell

Excuse me, sir, can you spare some change?

I'll cut your face off and eat your brains

You know all about me

You act like you ain't seen penatentiary

Spitting and cussing and you know I'll piss

With these iron braces on my fucking wrists -a

Insane Clown Posse

Never Had It Made / Insane Clown Posse

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