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Headless Boogie

[Violent J]

It's Friday night, dark, scary

Lonely, walking through the park, cemetery

And its foggy, cold and smoggy

Hear a dog, a howling doggy

I'm scared, should of brung the shotgun

Should of, would of, but I ain't got one

So I watch my back, and what's that

The caretaker, a dirty old hunchback

Better run, hide, quick, fast

He's coming for my ass with a shovel

No where to run, nore to hide but the grave bit

So I dove in, I did the dumb shit

Took a fall, deeper than six foot

Down the stairs, hit a floor and through a door

Into a whole new world of stiffs

Bodies, heads, and sexy little dead chicks

Club lights, sounds, bass

DJs spinnin with maggots on they face

And what I saw next then really took me

Uh, they did the headless boogie

[Chorus (2x)]

Hey yo, I heard that you died

Fuck that, it's time to get live

Dead bodies let's all take a ride

Lean to the left and slide (the headless boogie)

"Oh yeah, we dug up the finest

Bitches in the graveyard

So come on down

And if you ain't come to get your funk out

Then get the fuck out, bitch"

[Violent J]

They all stand straight and swing to the side

No heads, but they feet still glide

Take a step back, twist and dive

I even seen Kurt Cobain get live (blam!)

No heads, but they all funky

And drunk, drinking old Spunky

Don't be shy, everyone's able

Hit the floor, leave your nugget on the table

And kick-step, and when you do kicks off

If you're dead, your legs might fall off

The whole time I can't believe

I can't conceive, I don't wanna leave

I'm kicking into a freak with no head

No face, but the rest is straight


Insane Clown Posse

Headless Boogie / Insane Clown Posse

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