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The Jokers Wild

"Welcome to another exciting episode of Del Ray's number one

game show, The Joker's Wild! Shaggy, tell us something about

tonight's contestants."

"Hey, motherfuckers

Get ready for the killer show of this bitch

We gotta cop, we gotta judge, and we gotta redneck

So step the fuck up and play the Joker's Wild!"

[Violent J]


Everybody smile

Guess who's back on your underground dial (who?)

It's the game show host with the most (Violent J)

And tonight we finna have a little pig roast

Cop copper, it's been a long while

Lace up your boots and come on down the aisle

Mr. Pig-Man packing that steel

But tonight, you ain't shit, now spin the fuckin wheel

Looks good, nice try

Now let's see just how ya gonna die?

Lucky, lucky, he landed on Carpenter Jed

He just pounds nails in your forehead

The pig got lucky that time

But let's take a look who's next down the line

Oh, the 43rd District judge

Hey pal, remember me

You threw me in jail

Take a spin or I'll snap your neck

The clicker's landed, let me check

The Jokey, hey it ain't bad at all

We just cut your face off and slap your skull

Who's next for the games and fun?

Hillbilly Earl, come on down, run

The redneck that sicked his dog on me

Now that's gonna cost you a spin, buddy

Spin around and around it goes

Staple your lips shut, cut off your toes

Then I throw your corpse on top of the pile

Anything goes on the Joker's Wild

"Tell me who killed 17 people and later ate their dead bodies?"

"Jeffrey Dahmer."

"No, the correct answer would be your mother. Shaggs?"

"Aww, shit, motherfuckers

Get ready for round two of this bitch

So, if

Insane Clown Posse

The Jokers Wild / Insane Clown Posse

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