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What the hell's a ninja?

(ninja's posess a superior skills of ninjitsu, mu'afucka')

It is a branch os a Japanese samurai, a very old organization

Its origins are hundreds of years old, much of its history is being lost

not many ninja's exist today, yet they all have indomitable fighting skills

as a part of ninjitsu

(ninja's of the indomitable fighting skills, of a ninja, a ninjer, a

mutha'fuckin' ninja)

no matter what weapons you use, a ninja will never die!

Damn I wish I could be a Shokon Samurai

so I could swing a sword and make necks fly

I'd go to school and ninja-crawl through tha halls

n' then I'd jump out n' stab bitches in the balls

cuz I remember these kids from tha playground

everybody'd hang around, we were all down

but then we grew up, n' everybody turned away

n' now they dissin' me, yellin', "fuck Nerdy-J"

I sit n' think at how it changed as I got olda'

as I think I draw a ninja on my folda', Ugh

what I would do if I only had a ninja sword

you'd see blood start flingin' on tha chalkboard

I'd tell tha whole class, "nobody move a jiggle,

first one that do I'll make yer fuckin' neck wiggle."

everyone wold start jockin', tha news would take my picta'

DAMN I wish I could be a ninja


Damn I wish I could be a ninja, ninja [X3]

Damn It'd feel good ta see people applaudin' [all X2]

After I was done killin' all tha yuppie fucks

all tha poor kids would come n' swing from my nuts

and I would walk home feelin' like a Samurai

I'd walk in tha house, and see my momma cry

I's ask why, she'd point to my drunkin' pops

he tried ta hit her again, but that shit STOPS

I kick

Insane Clown Posse

Ninja / Insane Clown Posse

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