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The Loons

[Violent J]

Little Miss Muffet, oh, she never had a clue

Of the psychopathic wicked clown is finna do

Creeping through the backyards underneath the moon

Only three blocks away, the joker looney toon

[Violent J]

Listen to the loon, listen to the pain

Listen to the one they call the Violent J Insane

Watch me as I duck and I dash through the night

I can see the shadows of the moon in my butcher knife

[Violent J]

Pretty little world has created this monster

See me living with a dead body in a dumpster

Laughing in your castle but I can't crush your moat

But then I take a boat and cut your fucking throat

[Violent J]

So now I'm getting closer so I crawl under a house

I'm waiting for the car to pass and then I crawl back out

Another block down just a little ways to go.... "Hello?"

[Chorus (1x)]

I'm the neck cutter and I'm three blocks away [3x]

Violent Violent, Violent J

I'm the neck cutter and I'm three blocks away [3x]

J, J, Violent J

[Violent J]

I can hear the crickets and the creatures of the night

You can hear me drag my foot and scrape my butcher knife

I can hear the owl as it trims a wicked tune

You can hear the loons, the loons, the loons

[Violent J]

Listen to the little pitter-patter of my feet

As I howl like a dog and I'm running down the street

Hiding in the trees, hiding in the bushes

You're sitting on your couch and I'm underneath your cushions

[Violent J]

Stab you in the back of the head, why not?

Your little governor is taking everything I got

I can't feed a family, I can't feed a dog

So I cut your fucking head off, hey

[Violent J]

Wickey, wickey jokers and you know we s

Insane Clown Posse

The Loons / Insane Clown Posse

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