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Wagon Wagon

"If I'm gonna die

I'm going out riding the wagon"

[Violent J]

Hear it comes, the horrifying midnight wagon

Saggin, laggin, dead bodies draggin

On a piece of string, they flop around and fling

Now shut your ass up and let the juggla sing

It's the Insane Clown Posse coming threw

Looking for hickies and the prickies and your ass too

Everybody gets a ride on the ghost car

Don't matter who you are, we going straight to hell

And it ain't far, Mr. Nevers

You seem to be the kill joy

So get your ass in fat boy

You can sit up in the front with the Ringmaster

With the Ringading-dingalinga-ping-master

And get your motherfucking wind pipe chopped off

And your funky ass body gets dropped off

In the gutter, the wheels keep rollin

Throwin heads out the back, nugget bowlin from the...

[Chorus (1x)]

Wagon Wagon, dead bodies draggin

Are you down with the clown with clown luv, ride the...

Wagon Wagon, dead bodies draggin

Every dead fuck in the city comes and rides the...

Wagon Wagon, dead bodies draggin

Nate the Mack, Jump Steady, and Rude Boy ride the...

Wagon Wagon, dead bodies draggin

Don't miss your chance

[Violent J]

The exhaust pipe is tripping out a deli fire

I found an old dead corpse in the trunk next to the spare tire

And it's muffling the sounds

Throw the bitch out and now the funk pounds, yo

Some say it's just a hearse, but it's much worse

It's an old dark bucket with a clown curse

Long, dark, very spooky scary

I drink an old 40 bottle full of bloody mary, why

Cuz I'm Violent J, sick in the nug-bone

I make strange sounds, clowns with frowns

Break it on down, break it up till the break of dawn

Look out your w

Insane Clown Posse

Wagon Wagon / Insane Clown Posse

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