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Fat Sweaty Betty

Why dont you go into the next room and start getting undressed?

What's your pleasure?

[1st Verse- Violent J]

Fat Sweaty Betty, the bitch ain't nothing new

Her moms used to babysit me back when we was two

We'd go to the playground and to the skating rink

And we'd go under the bleachers and she'd let me hit the stank, well uh

She moved across town and never came back

Until the other day, I seen her at the Chicken Shack

She said her name was Betty, I can't believe this shit

The sexy little girl is now a fat sweaty beeitch

She said, "Hey, J, tell me how you've been?"

She had a piece of chicken gizzard stuck to her chin

I told her, "Hold still," and flicked it off her face and said,

"Betty, oh, Betty, what you say we leave this place?"

I took her back to the crib and hit it all night

I let my fingers run across the rip of cellulite

EWW! It was nasty, but I don't let it bother me

She rolled over, fucking knocked the wind out of me

I couldn't breathe, she wouldn't stop, I'm almost dead

I took the lamp, and bust it on her fucking head

We got dressed, I gave her a little kiss goodbye

Fat Sweaty Betty, My fat sweaty pumpkin pie


Fat Sweaty Betty

Tell me when you're ready [x2]

[2nd Verse- Shaggy 2 Dope]

Big fat slop of shit people call Betty

Flabs of fat on her back, her neck...sweaty

Boogers running down her nose all over her lips

Can't tell the difference from her titties to her hips

But fuck all that, 'cuz I wanna see the neden

I had to see the cat, the cheesey cheena cheden

Rode my bike to her house, "Hey yo, Betty lemme in

I'm packing some snack cakes, bitch lemme in."

I can hear her coming down the stairs

She opened

Insane Clown Posse

Fat Sweaty Betty / Insane Clown Posse

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