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Yeah what you need?

Yeah let me get a large order of fries and uh

No fries

Excuse me?

No fries man

Oh, well must be out then

Alright then give me a large double slam and...



Can't do it

Why not?

No meat?

No meat man damn

Alright then, I'll take a salad then

Better grow yourself one

Whats that?

We aint got no damn salad man

Ah, well then what the hell do you have?

We got the Dogbeats

Oh yeah the Dogbeats huh?


Alright, then I'll take an order of that to go then

Inner City Posse's got the Dogbeats

ICP we got the Dogbeats

No you don't stop with the funk from the old days

Start on your head as the beat plays

Yo, the ICP has got the Dogbeast

Inner City Posse and were playin for keeps

And I know you likin' this funk

Cuz I can hear my voice commin out your trunk

Of your ride, don't take me for a sucker

You leavin unattended I'm a take the mutha fucker

2 to the D to the o-p-e

Hittin 03 with the ICP

I like bass, treble, and the test up

Throw kick it in the back of a Sector Bus

With that 40-O, or thats trouble

Shootin' craps in the back of the liquar store

And I'm hittin, and we'll keep it at that

You out Joe?

Nope, 2 Dope at that

Rollin and I'm headin for the Clark Park

Just finished shootin 8 with the dark shark

Seen the freak with the bright white tank top

Keep rollin cuz I know I'll see my bank drop

Homeboy if you want to keep your riches

Stay the hell away from them more money

From the truck to the bikers to the jeeps

The ICP has got the Dogbeats

Bow-wow-wow Yipy-yo Yipy-yeah

Bow-wow-wow Yipy-yo Yipy-Yeah [4x]


Insane Clown Posse

Dogbeats / Insane Clown Posse

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