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Dead Body Man

"This is a Channel 7 news breif because the news is happening now."

"Hello, Morque Perkins reporting. Our top story tonight, police and

investigators are still trying to figure out how and why somebody

stole 4 dead bodies from the Wayne County morgue late Monday night.

Police say, the apparent body theif entered through the basement

window, but how he alluded the security and alarm system is still a

mystery. But what we at Channel 7 are wondering, what kind of sick

fuck would steal 4 dead bodies anyway? Details at 11."

[Violent J]

Dead bodies, dead bodies all over the street

Fifty-five, sixty-five bodies at least

I hang with the stiffs till the break of dawn

I'm always finding bodies when I'm mowing the lawn

Drag em in the house, throw em in the oven

Wicked clown lovin that dead body gloven

Tastes like chicken finger lickin deep fried

I ate a dead body, but don't tell, I lied

I just ate my first dead body last week

Still gots the finger nail caught in my teeth

Before you start yelling and cursing my name

Remember something's wrong with my brain, insane

Second I was born, doctor threw me 'gainst the wall

Kicked open the door and he whipped me down the hall

I'm sliding and I'm bouncing off shit like a hockey puck

And my mother's like "What the fuck?!"

He said I was born of an alien race

Born with a hatchet and a juggalo face

But I'm not a martian, you wouldn't understand

I'm just the dead body man

"We got bodies, dead bodies

We got fat ones, skinny ones

Males, females, hermaphrodites

We got somebodies, we got nobodies

Bodies, bodies, bodies, woo!"

[Violent J]

Dead bodies, dead bodies in the back of my van

All the little kiddies love the

Insane Clown Posse

Dead Body Man / Insane Clown Posse

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