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Cotton Candy

[Shaggy 2 Dope]

My name is Shaggy

But some call me Shaggy Balls

Cuz you can me my ball sac

Hangin out my drawls

I wear short shorts

Bitches stop and stare

Later on you see me partin through the Cotton hair

I meet a bitch

I always gotta check and ask

"How many corndogs been to the Cotton patch?"

And when I fuck bitches ask what i'm tryin to do

My nuts is people so i try and stuff em in there too

Cotton Candy is wasn't made for the mouth

Don't believe me just take a look down South

Rottin Candy is what you'll find with out a doubt

I stick my wang in the Cotton hole and then I'm out

Jump Steady, Rude Boy, nad Nate the Mack

They huntin Cotton

And Shaggy Shaggs knows where it's at

So don't be stingy

There's more than one Wicked Clown

And bitch you got enough Cotton here to go around

Now some bitches wanna go and shave they Cotton off

Straight to the Candy

I'm wit it

I won't get lost

That's why I bring da clippers wit me

They comin in handy

When you fuckin round wit the Cotton Candy

[(Chorus) x2]


Yeah Hey Hey

Cotton Candy don't get wet until it's in yo mouth she told me

[Violent J]

My name is J

The kids call me Jiggy pants

Cuz I can play the flute

And make my dick start ta dance

Like a snake I make it shake, rattle, and roll

And this year my balls made it to the Cotton Bowl

Unlike Shaggy

He scared of the Cotton Pie

I ate so much Cotton Candy

I got pink eye

I can remember the first time I had a taste

She pulled her panties down

And shoved her Cotton in my face

I said "Your daddy's home"

She said "So fuckin what"

I tried

Insane Clown Posse

Cotton Candy / Insane Clown Posse

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