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Cemetary Girl

"Tonight, tonight, we gather the dead. (tonight, tonight)

Tonight, tonight, off with your head."

"You'll never guess what's up [3x]

my muckin' head blew up"

[Violent J]

She was lovely, long hair, short, nice figure though

So at the funeral, it made me cry, watch her die

I cannot lie, I couldn't sleep without a wink

I only think about my lady, I miss my baby

I need her by my side, to hold me, to squeeze me

I still have pictures, but all they do is tease me

I see my therapist, he only tells me I'm in trouble

I want my baby back, so now I pack a shovel

And while I'm digging, it's awfully dark and kinda funny

Don't dig too fast or to see things could get bloody

I watch my baby, I hit the top of baby's coffin

I thinking, she's better off inside if she died

Yeah, she needs me, I can tell my baby wants me

Cuz every night at 2:15, my baby haunts me

I prey it open, the odor hits me, there she is

I lean down to give her a kiss because I need a...

[Chorus (1x)]

Girl that make me happy, a girl that make me cry

A girl that passed away back in 1985

A girl I plan to marry, a girl I plan to wed

A girl that I can choke because my baby is already dead


Cemetery lady, my cemetery girl

Cemetery baby, I want you in my world

Cemetery woman, we can still be down

You're more than just a corpse, you're a psychopathic clown

"Fuck yeah, motherfucker

I don't want no stuck up

Little sassy rassy bitch

Ya know what I'm saying

I want me a cold stanky bitch

So bring it on, dead momma"

[Violent J]

She's as lovely as always, my baby hasn't changed

Except for the hole that's in her forehead, you

Insane Clown Posse

Cemetary Girl / Insane Clown Posse

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