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Blacken Your Eyes

Filled your head with lead cuz I want you dead...

Girlie girlie bitch tou fucking freaky bitch

I knowing what you think, you think your shit don't stink

Take you out to dine and dine and wine and dine

I tell you you look fine, then we fuck till I break your spine

Bitchy bitchy hoe, we fucking on the floor

We fucking in the bed then I'll shoot you in your head

You never make me cry, before that bitch you die

Wicked clown sadistic Sadistic psycholistic

I do like Nate the Mack and club ya in the back

I'm not like other guys I'm quick to blacken your eyes

Tommy son take off your coat I'll make you feel at home

Then take out my billy club and go upside your dome

Bitchy bitchy hoe, you fucking freaky hoe

You have a can of mace I'll shoot you in your face

I grab you by the neck and rip that shit out

Don't think that I'd hit ya but I'd punch and stomp and kick ya

You wouldn't hit a lad, what bitch! What hoe!

BITCH!!! You told me that you loved me I thought that shit was true

But then you sucked on my boy's dick until his balls turned blue

Freaky freaky trick, take your fucking pick, suck or fuck or what?

Nasty nasty slut I guess love is the word

You act like you ain't heard

I'm not like other guys I'm quick to blacken your eyes

Bitchy bitchy hoe, you fucking freaky hoe

I heard you gotta neck

Why, uh, why don't you let me, uh

Why don't you uh why don't you let me break it, bitch?

I think I hurt a hoe a helpless drunken hoe

Someone tell me so do I hear a hoe?

Bitch, get in the car then I'll take you to the bar

But I took her to the alley, and kicked her with the balley

Stomped her in her face, her chicky chicky face

You to

Insane Clown Posse

Blacken Your Eyes / Insane Clown Posse

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