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17 Dead

I got shot with a buck shot, shot me down

But you know you can't paint a frown on a clown

Sewer gutter blood runs through my system

Death stopped by but I must have just missed him

Am I in a southwest street gang?

Do I bang, do I slang, do I let my motherfuckin' nuts hang?

But do you care

I got stabbed in the eye and you wadn't no where

And what about the time I got fucked

When I got shot in the throat...fuckin' sucked

But you news wouldn't know me

You could give a fuck less never the less unless

Something happened in your suburbs

I'm a cut your daddy's neck, you little fuckin' nerd

I don't give a fuck where you're from boy

So don't tell me cuz I don't give a fuck

It's all about what's going on in your head

Do or don't you care about the seventeen dead

Seventeen dead, it don't bother you

Do or don't you care about the seventeen dead

Seventeen dead, it don't bother you

You could give a fuck less about the seventeen dead

The seventeenth boyfriend lost his erection

I woke up next to a dead body

Roll it out the way and jump out of bed

Strap on my kicks and step out my room

Cuz somehow there's another stiff in the bathroom

Dead fucks all over the grass

I'm a kick somebody in they dead ass

Quick to make a left on Jefferson

And I noticed there's another stiff riding shotgun

Am I just seeing things? No.

Is your mother a soggy ho?

I like to drink Faygo, out from the scotties

But then one out of one of my homeboys turned into dead bodies

But I'm straight with that

Just don't be leaving your guts in my car n' shit

Wait a minute, wait, get your head on straight

I drop seventeen tears from eyes every fu

Insane Clown Posse

17 Dead / Insane Clown Posse

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