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Cartoon Nightmares

That was from 1994...

Welcome to Forgotten Freshness Volume 3

Draw something make sure you don't forget your red pen

cause we gonna need it when you draw the blood in

ps-ps-ps-psychopathic records baby all offensive powers

our plane's high-jacked, head for record label towers

drink of choice, Faygo, rock-n-rye with hennesey

i like marijuana that is sent from tennessee

I'm sick of rock guitars always lacin' our shit

we bout to get wicked for the sixth (the sixth), the sixth (the sixth)

I like cuttin' heads off, blood trail through the house

down to the basement where I hollow them out

?? dont't you reach for the phone

I'm gonna cut you up and voodoo drums with your bones


Cartoon Nightmares!

Science fiction, brain incision.

Cartoon Nightmares!

Satellites and televisions.

Won't you draw me?

Liquid lines of (technicolor) color.

I will hurry right there.

(walk like an) Egyptian.

Im like Richard Remeriz (the stalker)

and I didn't even know it

Of course I mean without the ACDC and the money

Local Rappers from my city they wanna talk smack

But they be so wack they aint worth dissing back

(Worth Yo Body) Nope

Break yo head, pull out ya brain

pass it down the line, we call it the train

Look at that girl [2x]

Booty in the pants [2x]

Shakin that thing [2x]


If you were Andre The Giant, that shit would be slick

You could finger fuck a girl and she would think it's your dick

Blood ozes down the screen

Off the page and magazine

Off the table to the floor

Cross the tile out tha door


ICP headin back to St. Louis

Nelly scoot over, me and shaggy bout to

Insane Clown Posse

Cartoon Nightmares / Insane Clown Posse

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