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Simple And Blunt

Check it out.

Another fuckin sampler, I wont even front

Ill fuckin tell you all about our shit simple and blunt

and if you take the time to listen as I run this down

maybe you might even dig our shit and understand a wicked clown

we forever underground cause up on the surface

they've always said we talent less pieces of shit and worthless

YET, as Im wrightin this now

I glance over at the wall and I dont know how

but we got 2 platinum albums

and another 4 gold

and we never used Mtv we went up the back road

and built a fan base thats so behind the clown

that they'll tear your fuckin city in half to show they down

but see thats just it though, it aint a fan base

its a family drawn together like we from outer space

I mean we call our selves juggalos I guess that explains it

that we relate because we been through the same kinds of pain

I mean ICP dont rap about the money we get

because half the juggalos so broke they be steelin our shit

and they dont wanna hear about us pushin up Benz

when the takin fuckin greyhounds just to get to gatherins


we like cartoons, serials, slaughterers on a record

its how we adjust to the pressures of life

let our music do the killin for you, you'll be alright

and seriously aint you the least bit curious

whats up with this underground world we gettin furious

just like the sampler that your bumpin right now

this might be your callin to our carnival grounds

and tell me this mutha fucka truly how you livin

ever get the urge maybe do a little wig splittin

ever been the last kid picked for a team

ever had mutha fuckas come and shit on your dreams

do you have ideas and somethin to say

only aint nobody ever got their ears pointed your way-acap

Simple And Blunt /

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