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Every Halloween

I paint my face every year all day the 31'st

aint nuttin to me another holliday and all a sudden

face paintin's in style an I been doin ever since Gilligan's

Island was on. We'll try an live all year though, try an

pick up a check when your a wierdo I'm 68 years old I still

Trick-or-Treat you think I care shit I'm tryin to find somethin to

eat, an tell them old laddies keep yo pennies cuz if it aint bout a

quarter dont even bother.

I'm sick of these lil kids to. I know who did it you put a brick in

your bag and hit me in the head wit it. And then they take my candy

and diss, Look what I got from the fat guy painted like kiss.

All year I'm a phyco huh? I see but each and ever Halloween you wanna be me!


You want to be me i bet u wan to be me u know u want to be me

walk with me all for me the darkness you want to be me the darkness


~~ Violent-J~~

A gorilla a puffer fish and a bag lady,. All made love and had a lil baby

AND supposedly I'm the one! but at this point thats only pure especulation

On Halloween people smile at me..The rest of the year they dial the police.

they kick me off their lawn and shoot me off their cars.

BUT on Halloween they're given my candybars.

Trick-or-Treat it's 5:30 in the mornin I'm still out i'm standing in your yard

and i'm looking through ur window

Every Halloween /

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