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Dead Body Man

Dead bodies, Dead bodies all over the street.

55-65 bodies at least.

I hang with the stiffs till the break of dawn.

I always find bodies when im mowin the lawn.

Drag em in the house, throw em in the oven.

wicked clown lovin that dead body gubbin.

taste like chicken finger lickin deep fried.

I ate a dead body but dont tell, i lied.

I just ate my first dead body last week.

Still gots a fingernail cought in my teeth.

Before you start yellin and cursin my name.

Remember sumtin wrong wit my brain...INSANE.

Second i was born doctor threw me against tha wall.

Kicked open the doors and he threw me down tha hall.

Im slidin and im bouncing off shit like a hockey puck.

And my mothers like,

Dead Body Man /

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