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Murder Go Round

What can i say, man, i hit him with the brick

Killed the little prick, him and his chick

Tried to be slick but you aint slinky

brinky, you're dinky, you suck my twinkie

I dont give a fuck if you call me a clown

Break it down, it's murder go round

What'cha dishing out, i bet'cha it comes back to ya

If your trying to creep, i'd hate to say i never knew ya

Once upon a time in the ghetto zone

A ten-foot lead pipe slapped on my dome

I'm laying in the street with blood oozing out my head

Excuse me, mother fucker, was it something i said

Then he grabbed my finger and he said crime pays

Swung on his pipe once again for the road

Murder Go Round /

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