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Prom Queen

Won't you be my prom queen?

Won't you be my prom queen?

Everybody has a real good time..

Repeat 2x

Another morning I must get up, and go to school

I'm taking too long getting dressed, trying to look my best

Because today is not your ordinary every morning

My highschool prom is coming, I heed my daddy's warning.

I'm gonna find myself a girl to take to the prom

I shouldn't have too much trouble, because um, I'm really nice,

My mother says I'm very handsome when I wear my good vest

And mother knows best.

I get to school, I straggle through the hallways

I stop and gaze at all the girls just like always

But this time, I must now approach them


Or my daddy might get mad and break my wrist again (Ow)

So I choose her, her hair it matches with her face

She is so lovely, my heart and pulse begin to race.

I make my way between her friends, and to her presence

Hello Christine, would you be my prom queen?

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