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Pass Me By

** Does this excite you? Think about it!

Does it not stagger the imagination?

No builder on earth can conceive any

structure compared to the mansion above. Won't

that be something when you go to live

in your own mansion? There'll be no

concern about paying for it, it's already

taken care of.There'll be no worry about

being moved out of it. It will be yours

forever. **

I got shot, Ah! The murder was heinous. The

Bullet went in my eyeball and out the anus.

And I was hit, that was it, on the spot.

Flash, I woke up in a parking lot.

And I'm sittin in a '64 Rinekeys,

With Shaggy Dope written on the car keys.

I look around I can't believe that it's possible,

I'm dead, and I made it to the carnival.

I walk in, it's everything I dreamed of,

Everybody and they mama got clown luv.

Japanese, Lebenese, and Chinese,

Portuguese, and southwest ghetto cheese. (woo woo)

Hangin' out with redneck truck drivers,

Instead of always givin' each other piledrivers.

I see my old homie, he died in a drag,

Chillin with two bitches,

Pass Me By /

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