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To all that are receiving this broadcast we are now entering our

thirteenth hour of continuing cloud coverage. This ongoing event has been

upgraded to a national emergency. It has been a sleepless night here in Metro

Detroit as panic and terror has swept the streets. It seems much of Detroit

as well as the rest of the country are still unsettled by this unexplainable

cloud that still clutches the sky. From New York to Honolulu, Miami to

Fairbanks the expansion of the cloud has subsided but a wall of darkness and

artificial night still grips the land. Witnesses now tell us that thousands

upon thousands of people are emerging from sewers everywhere their faces are

painted and they look like CLOWNS!!! The people are running and screaming but

eye witnesses say they're not in pain its almost like a strange type of joy

has overtaken them. At this time we do not know where or why the people are

running but there seems to be an organized plan directing there action. Its

like a guiding force is giving them supernatural stamina. The immense crowd

of clowns are now on the move all in unison moving in one direction towards

an unknown destination. Its almost as if they see what others cannot heeding

an inaudible call that silently pierces this calm before the storm.

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