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Indestructible Gun

I was sitting in the bathroom

And I was drinking a cup of coffee

And I was thinking to myself

Who is the only one I can think to

What if there are creatures on another planet

And they have a machine that tracks my thought waves

Following each twist and turn leading them to the ones I love?

My parents old lovers friends co-workers maybe my brother Matthew

On each of them these beasts place a minute bug

A bug that eats slowly away at their minds their souls

And makes them hate me

What if they did that?

That's only one of the many ways they could be causing me pain

These dark animals these hellborn psycho laughing things

So I thought to myself who is the only one I can think to

What possible way is there for me to defend myself?

And at that precise moment it appeared before me


An indestructible gun

A gun composed of rayon and mercury

A bubble gum wrapper

A bit of flesh from my right forearm

An organic culmination of cosmology and the other sciences

With it I could strike down any evil creature who took to conspire against me

And when their dark forces possessed the ones I loved

I would destroy them coldly

With a pull




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