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Watch the Ice Break

Thanks to jostmatt@bluewin.ch for these lyrics.

It's goin down

From the Ammo Dump

I got my nigga SLJ and DJ Aladdin

Droppin the fat tracks

Hit em with it

Syndicate's in the muthafuckin house

All duck MC's get flat, muthfuckas



And it's still me

A rappin brother from L.A., the cool T

Diss a brother, hate a brother, I still come back

With the fat tracks, fuck the pop crap

I got a mind to cold diss a fool

Wack rappers sellin out urge me to pull tools

For no reason

Pop suckers hookin for hits like hoes skeezin

Prostitutes that can't shoot, yet you clock loot

Dancesteps with the weak styles, but you look cute

Bitch, that shit's wack

Let Hammer dance, and you other fools ease back

The microphone in some twist in a clenched fist

Mind locked on ???? load of my hit list

And make duck rappers pray

Many talk shit, but none step this way

Cause I'm quick to beat down a weak clown

Clock crazy juice from L.A. to the Boogie Down

I play the whole map

Got hoes locked like a muthafuckin bear trap

Ice muthafuckin T

Before hoes gee they need two forms of I.D.

Never fess, not the best, but I'm hard to shake

Huh, watch the Ice break

Watch the Ice break

Yo, let's see now who's tryin to diss me

Say I sold out cause I rocked with the B.C.

Y'all are bitches, you're straight wack

Quick to talk shit, but always behind the back

I do whatever I wanna do, punk hoe

I rock a perm, you rock an afro

I wear khakis, while y'all wear silk

Y'all drink forties, and I drink milk

Cause that's my muthafuckin biz

I never sell out, cause it's no sale, kid

Hardcore to my heart from the fuckin start

Whether done over beats or loud guitars

I drop the dope hits

Case you forgot, I invented this gangsta shit

You wanna step to me? New jack, walk

Come back in five LP's, then we can talk

You're just new, kid, you got a hit out

In interviews you talk a lotta shit out

You got paid, you really made out

You went broke when your one jam played out

Now you're searchin for that one more hit


I ain't new to this, I got gangs of gold

I come original, then I break the mold

Too many MC's hit, then fold

They're just fakes

Hah, watch the Ice break

Watch the Ice break


Syndicate jumpin off 1993

On some old fly smooth shit

All the muthfuckas out there down with us

You know what I'm sayin?

We're rollin strong

All the busters out there that got some static to say

We're settin this shit off physically this year

Like KRS-One says:

Sucker MC's duck down

Muthafuckas ain't takin no shit

I'm swingin on busters, point-blank

Diss me and it's on

Straight up

Now it's the break of dawn

And the mic is still on

All hoes are fuckin and the rhymes are damn strong

Many MC's that choke from the mic smoke

Those who tried to get with me

Lost in rhyme infinity

Or they lost breath

Try to step to the Ice equals sure death

Cause ??it's then I begin?? than you ever assume

Drop the mic, go rap in your living room

I love the quick kill

Swing on a nigga sometimes just to break ill

Knuckle up, buster, fool, in his fuckin eye

All hands, I need no gun, yo punk, why?

Cause if I pull my gun, you die

No second try

I gotta cool out now, so I don't over-freeze

Nut up and start murderin MC's

Start catchin bodies from state to state

Throw on a ski mask and walk the streets late

And do me up a whole damn crew

The Geto Boys was trippin, but my mind's trickin me too

Cause diss me, and I meet you one day

And bet your life it won't be a fun day

I hope, nigga, it's not your fate

That you're around when the Ice breaks

When the Ice breaks


Watch the Ice Break / Айс-Ти

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