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Straight Up Nigga

Thanks to RappazDelight69@aol.com for these lyrics.

Yo check this out

A lot of people get mad cause I use the word nigga

You know what I'm saying they don't like the fact that I use the word nigga

They say you a black man I tell em I'm a nigga they don't understand that

So I'm a say what I wanna say I call myself what I wanna call myself

You know what I'm saying

So they can stay off my dick

Damn right I'm a nigga

and I don't care what you are

Cause I'm a Capital N-I double-G-E-R

Black people might get mad

Cause they don't see

That they're looked upon

As a nigga just like me

I'm a nigga, not a Coloured man

Or a Black, or a Negro

Or Afro American, I'm all that

Yes I was born in America true

Does South Central

Look like America to you?

I'm a nigga, a straight up nigga

From a hard school

Whatever you are

I don't care, that is you fool

I'm loud and proud

Well endowed with the big beef

Out on the corner

I hang out like a horse thief

So you can call me dumb or crazy

Ignorant, stupid, inferior or lazy

Silly or foolish

But I'm badder and bigger

And most of all

I'm a straight up nigga

That's right I'm a nigga

my man lord finesse is my motherfucking nigga

you know evil e's my nigga islam's my nigga

that's right they're my niggas

I'm a nigga in America

and that much I flaunt

Cause when I see what I like

Yo I take what I want

I'm not the only one

That's why I'm not bitter

Cause everybody is a nigga to a nigga!

America was stole from he Indians

show and prove, what was that?

A straight up nigga move

A low down shame

Yo it's straight insane

Yet they complain

When a nigga snatch

Their gold chains

What is nigga suppose to do?

Wait around for a handout

From a nigga like you?

That's why a low down nigga gets hyped

But I'm not a nigga of that type

I'm a steak and lobster eatin

Billionaire meetin

Cash money makin, movin shakin

Corporate jet glidin

Limousine ridin

Writin' hits, filthy rich

Straight up nigga!

That's right I'm a nigga

Now I'm a write this song

Though the radio won't play it

But I got freedom of speech

So I'm a say it

She wanna be lez he wanna be gay

But that's your business I'm straight

So nigga have it your way

Those who hate me I got sumthin for ya

A nigga with cash a nigga with a lawyer

Bot a watermelon eating @#%$ down south

But a nigga that 'll smack the taste from your mouth

A contemplating thinking best champagne drinkin

Ten inch givin extra large livin

Mercedes benz drivin strivin to survivin

All the way livin and kickin hi fivin

Strokin rap and happenin deal doing

Fly in from cali to chill with the crewin

Rhymin groovin fly girlie grabbin

Horny gun shootin long hair havin


Straight up nigga


Straight up nigga


nigga that's right fool look at me

Just the kinda nigga you'd like to hang from a tree

But all you KKK type grave diggers

Ease back fool cause I'm a trigger nigga

I work real hard for my livin

But I don't sell or brake bullshit thanksgivin

Like some fool and eat turkey

That's the day your forefathers jerked me

Shipped us all over here in locks and chains

Split us up twistin up a nigga's brain

Now you keep me in constant sweat

But I'm a nigga that you'll never forget

A black bad iron clad always mad

Fly nigga takin off from a helipad

Rolex divin buck wilin cap pilin

Sportin link chinks and medallions

Incollectible hi tek cash and seven digit checks

And still breakin necks

The ultimate male supreme white woman's dream

Big dick straight up nigga


Straight Up Nigga / Айс-Ти

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