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Radio Suckers

Thanks to jhsantos@sol.com.br for these lyrics.

People,it's time for the Ice crush

So listen to my words I bring much

Sense,as I commence,my lirycs intense

Get telephoto,break out your big lens

Look,check out the sales charts

My record's kickin',I'm breakin' P.D.'s hearts

They banned me from their shows

Because they said I'm too hard

But no sell-out,I guess I'm just barred

I ain't changin' mine for no body

They bleeped words from Doug's LA-DE-DA-DE

I can't get a bleep?What's the deal?

Maybe my words are just too real

It's not profanity,it's just the man and me

He doesn't want you to see what I see

Doesn't want you to be what you can be

Word,censorship of reality

Radio suckers never play me(x3)(sampler of PE "rebel without a pause")

Suckers don't,but some do

The real troopers bring the ICE to you

And close friends to me,yea,PUBLIC ENEMY

These stations have high intellect

They don't pretend to be,too bourgeois to rock a jam raw

Understand what I'm sayin',they're down by law

They play the jams that are right,sometimes not polite

They realize you gotta get some people uptight

Speak the word,your voice will definitely be heard

Lie to yourself,you're destined to be to the curb

Some stations don't care,they'll never put on the air

Nothin' but commercial junk,their brain power's impaired

They don't listen or try to hear what I write

Maybe just think once,or try some school at night

They're makin' radio wack,people have to escape

But even if I'm banned,I'll sell a million tapes

Radio suckers never play me (x3)

I made records for music,not for the money

To some of you that might sound funny

But I ain't broke,and I don't joke

And my lirics are known to make ears smoke

Clear as a gun scope,I speak the pure dope

Can the radio handle the truth?...Nope

Uncut,no edits,no censors

You can get a plastic rapper from any ol'dispenser

A penny a yard,to make a record ain't hard

But to make it mean something,that's a job

But then we do it,they refuse it

So I tell them duck suckers to cold go screw it

We shouldn't sell out,we should just yell out

And get them wack motherfuckers the hell out

Radio suckers never play me (x4)

Cruisin' down the street what do I see?

Crash Task Force,L.A.P.D.

Gangs illin',wildin' and killin'

Hustlers on a roll,like they got a million

Girls on the strap and you know that

You know the guys will stop wildin' if you stop that crap

But you can't,you want money so bad

You'll jock anything with the Gucci tag

You gotta have it,so the men go get it

Robbin' and stealin',soon to regret it

Livin' in a jail cell,feelin' like a dumbbell

While you jump the next jock,well

That's reality,that's what I see

Nobody says that you have to agree

Censorship that ain't the way to be

I thought you said this country was free?

Radio suckers never play me (x2)

Tone it down,...Is what they say to me

The FCC will not allow profanity

Your subject matter's too hard,make a love song

You better get real,come on

I ain't no lover,I'm a fighter

Hard core radical rap rhyme writer

Pushin' the botton,E does the cuttin'

Everything I say amounts to something

More than a single rap,I'm too deep for that

I lay my lirics with logic,press the wax

Play it on your tape deck,feel the effect

If you can't take the heat,eject

But I know you can,'cause you're an ICE-T fan

No sell-outs here,my man

Radio....(fade out)


Radio Suckers / Айс-Ти

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