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I'm livin' large as possible,posse unstoppable

Style topical,vividly optical

Listen,you'll see'em sometimes I'll be'em

Cops,critics and punks,necer ever wanta see me in POWER

Well,that's too bad,Apocalypse Now I'm back and I'm mad

We're comin',you're runnin' cold and cunning

Ice T on the mic,TopGunning

After your neck,checkin' respect,makin' you sweat

Rhyme Syndicate boy in effect

The rap motivator,teacher,talker,night rhyme stalker

Words thrillin',so real they're chillin',the hit author

Gettin' louder than a shot gun,you don't want none

RHYME PAYS was the name of the album

But that was number one,this is the number two

The posse grew,we're gonna break through


Somebody line up the suckers who refuse to recognize the truth

Tie up the punks who refuse to understand the youth

My posse's growin' and it's gettin' larger every day


Come on,come on,come on,toys,let's play

Circle the calendar,perpetrator doomsday

ICE T fool man of my own full grown

I cause havoc when I speak upon the microphone

I'm outspoken,no jokin',get in my face your jaw will get broken

Layin' it,sayin' it,then you're playing it

Lyrics so heavy that you might try weighin' it

Hated by many but I hate'em back

Loved by troopers who know where it's at

You might like me,might think I'm wack

But don't step to me 'cause the boy stays strapped

I'm taking no shorts,hatin' the courts,hatin' the judges

Punk DA's with their personal grudges

I hate the clubs that think with their butts

No hats,no jeans,no sneakers,no what?

No beepers,no gold? Yo kiss my ass

We'll wait and see who gets the last laugh

We'll have the power

Power (x3)

Power it starts with P like pussy

She knows she's got it,she doesn't worry,does she?

Spendin' your cash,leavin' you in the trash

While your little head's thinkin',they're gone in a dash

They got it,know it,that's why they show it

The power of sex,if man could overthrow it

He'd be king in a day,no way.We get rich,hard,give it away

We're weak and as we speak,the girls are hawkin'

Sizin' me up straight out as I'm talkin'

But you gotta have control if you want the gold

I don't wanta be alone like Stallone

So I keep my mind thinkin' 'bout the green

And stop dwellin' on the in-between

I got the power


I'm on a mission mackin' hard as a hammer

Take my picture,I might take your camera

My posse might move,and they move fast

A fool's move could be a punk's last

Ain't no criminal although I used to be

Ain't no new jack rappin' ain't new to me

I been makin' records on wax since 1982

Now it's 1988 finally I'm coming through

That adds up to six years of makin' ok jams,but now I'm mad

Here comes the body slam

Turnin' out concerts,house'n the industry

Lovin' all the fly girls screamin' for ICE T

Rollin' with the Syndicate my unstoppable battalion

38 Solid gold my medalion

Gainin' velocity,momentum and energy

ICE Capital T

I got the power


So you say that I'm a fake think,you really must be a fool

I been to jail more times than you have probably been in school

Shot at,shot back,hit,and seen my buddies killed

That's the foundation upon the raps of ICE-T are built

I say what I think,the system does stink

Money you walk,you short,you're writin' from the klink

Come on,what's up,you know the laws are full of bull

Prey on the lame,release those with pull

Power!I know you wanta try it

Well check out money can buy it

Control and mold the world to do your wishin'

The knowledge of power is mine,so just listen

Money controls the world and that's it

And once you got it,then you can talk shit


You have the power


You have the power

I got the power(fade out)


Power / Айс-Ти

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