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Lethal Weapon

Thanks to dj.flash@pobox.com for these lyrics.


E-V-I-L E and Ice-T are on a jack move

Layin down the dope groove, smokin those who disapprove

Wreckin the deck, you'll regret if you cross punk

Rollin like a Mack truck, waxin those who talk junk

Violent your end, I got your face in my crosshairs

Wanna see your dome bust sucker cause I don't care

Nuttin bout you, your crew, because you talk shit

I'm the Lethal Weapon boy, ridin the apocalypse

If you're in my way, then lay beneath the ground soon

Violence is my business fool, the microphone of doom

Mission that's to cure all punks as I bust caps

Peelin your back, my ammunition hollow-point raps

You try to run, that makes it even more fun

I just cold lamp and vamp you with the shotgun

Cops try to flex.. but guns they'll never find..

My Lethal Weapon's my mind!

Chorus: Rakim, "Microphone Fiend" (repeat 2X)

"A lethal weapon..

A lethal weapon..

A lethal weapon..

An assassinator, if the people ain't steppin" *

* skip second line on second repeat


You hit the deck, as rap busts from my lips

You think I'm finished - I load another clip

Look in my face, I crack an evil grin

Lyrics bring death from the microphone Mac-10

Sucker MC's, you ain't down with the Syndicate

Try to kick game, but end up talkin weak shit, yo

You're weak, you're wack, you need to quit you lil punk bitch

Go and freak your mother, go dig a damn ditch

Get out my face, I'm tired of the press too

You write about me, I write about you

You think I'm violent, but listen and you will find..

My Lethal Weapon's my mind!



Up against the wall - it's Valentine's Day

The Massacre's about due for a replay

I'm about to explode - like a hand grenade

Evil E do damage on the crossfade

{*Evil E scratches*} Cuts like a battleaxe

You try to bite, get iced, my raps are boobytraps

Claim of mine, designed by the Ice himself

You beg for mercy as you read the hand you're dealt

{*screaming "Ah ahh ahh AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"*}

Cause there's no let up, you walked into a set up

It's suckin you down and now you can't get up

Why because you froze the moment we met up

And I never run punk, I go head up

I ain't no fool and new jack poppin fake rap

I rap from the heart and soul, where only facts are kept

Many rappers sell-out pop and other MC's slept

I ain't in no playin mood, so nigga watch your step

Cause if you cross the boss, you go to bed quick

Know my situation boy, don't diss the Syndicate

cause when we chose to move, you're gone

and no remains they'll find..

My Lethal Weapon's my mind!



More bodies than John Gotti, the Lethal Weapon is slaying

Just open any book, that's ammo to the brain

What really matters, is how well is your weapon trained

Some would say genius, while others would say insane

The Weapon power has been witnessed upon my page

From Martin Luther's "dream", to Hitler's psycho rage

What's more powerful - the brain or a twelve gauge?

The words I speak have scared many people to this stage

But promote violence, I really have to disagree

It's entertainment, like "Terminator" on TV

But some'll never see, you're stupid ignorant and blind

The Lethal Weapon's the mind!



The mind..


The mind..


I got my jammy with me at all times, youknowhatI'msayin?

They can't take this one thing away from me

that's got more power, than any gun in the world, youknowhatI'msayin?

I'm talkin bout brain power homeboy

They can't mess with me cause I'm too smart for them out there

youknowhatI'msayin? Fully strapped, always packed

Go to the library and get some more ammo, youknowhatI'msayin?


Lethal Weapon / Айс-Ти

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