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Addicted to Danger

Thanks to WakMasterA@aol.com for these lyrics.

"Yo whats up man? Yeah I gotta trunk fulla this shit

Word, broads still with me man, comin over to grapevine right now

Yo I can't talk right now man, I gotta get off this phone"

Damn, how'd I get into this scam

Roll in a car with the trunk worth 5000 grand

I came up from the curb, word

First thing it rocks, now my ride's packin crazy birds

I gotta freak in the front seat

She got crazy game, might even have more than me

And thats why I don't trust, I ain't no busta

One wrong move and I'll dust her

But she knows that, keeps a gat

Works much plastic, always stays on phat

She said she loves me

Looks deep in my eyes, sometimes cries, all lies

She only loves my cash flow, long dough

The falso love of a pimp and a hoe

But me and her gotta job to do

Get this luggage back to the crew

She got scanner, I hadta listen to the pigs talk

And if they speakin about us then its jumpin off

But I ain't sweatin them at all

2 cops'll roll up and 2 cops'll fall

The lines on the highway, I'm makin my mind drift away

To my last jail stay

5 years for a 459

I'm never goin back, no matter what the crime

Surrenderin ain't me

Fuck that, I'm holdin court in the street G

For a nigga like me there ain't no ounce

My life filled with drug busts and shoot outs

Pure ghetto anger, pure ghetto anger

Pure ghetto anger, I'm addicted to danger

Some nights I crash clubs

Rollin with the posse made of well-known thugs

Cool out with the freaks

Truckin much jewels, beggin for beef

Thens some niggaz roll up

Lookin for a way to pump the reps up

But I ain't the one

I'm handin out beat downs, no need for guns

Sometimes I gotta ask myself

Is all this buck whylin good for a niggaz health?

I don't know why

Am I suicidal, do I wanna die?

The answerin, simple

A headache throbs in my temple

It says it ain't fair, it says it ain't right

It says its goin down tonight

We finally made it to the drop spot

King and Weston Ave, snoody fox

The posse was there, but it ain't right

Fuckin police lights

Its all goin down that road blocks

I never seen that many cops

It was a setup, my whole damn crew's gettin wet up

Big time, some motherfucker dropped a dime

But even in the flurry of gun shots

My adrenaline was boilin hot

I crash down on the floor of the ride

Punch the gas, drove that benz through they punk ass

Hit Vernor doin 90

Looked in the rear-view, no one behind me

I got on the phone

Called up the homies to see what went wrong

But no time to sweat that

I still gotta trunk fulla shit, I was on phat

I just need a cool place to hide

Dumped the benzo, slammed the G ride

Me and a freak hit a motel crash spot

The streets was hot

Rubbed me down, said she adored me

Said the gunfire made her horny

The she pushed me back on the bed

Licked me head to toe, toe to head

Then I closed my eyes real slowly

Is this love? No not me

Then I felt a pain in my chest

The smell of gun powder and burnt flesh

I looked in her face, opened my mouth

And then her badge came out


Addicted to Danger / Айс-Ти

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