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Heartbreak Kid

Dusty wind blew 'cross the high plains

as a stranger rode into town

with a certain reputation

for the ladies and a gun

he walked to the bar so casual

just as easy as you please

he was bound to do some damage

with those valentino eyes

well, the barmaid was an angel

and she looked so out of place

and she said her name was 'Sunset'

she was different from the rest

and she couldn't help but notice

the moment he walked through the door

that the gunman was something special

and the bullet found a score

and the one mistake you make is just enough

and that one mistake is "Boy, you talk too tough"

only takes a single bullet

bring the fastest trigger down

only takes a pretty woman

put a gunman underground

and you may hear the same old story

in ev'ry town, on ev'ry street

the story of 'Sunset'... and the

Heartbreak Kid

dirty rain soaked through the doorway

of an upper westside bar

and the TV news was talking

to the crowd of people there

"...well the kid was always reckless

he said "I'll never stay too long..."

"..and when she knew that he would leave her

Sunset shot that gunman down..."


"Oh, the story of 'Sunset'...

and the Heartbreak Kid."

Heartbreak Kid /

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