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 Iced earth Iced earthрок-группа

Angels Holocaust

As I walk through the blackened forest

Thoughts of hate and anger fill my soul

The charred remains of the holy rollers

Scream repentance though it's far too late

I fight back the laughter at what I see

The suffering healers false destined prophecy

He didn't think yesterday of the end of his life

The brainwashed fools born again of a thousand lies

Hate filled screams break the silence

Terrifying dreams filling up your head

Blasphemy thrusting out, in the masses it reigns

The mask of hypocrisy is slowly unveiled

Fear the angels holocaust, they're screaming

Dreams of pain forever entering your head

Death and hatred loathing, on mankind it feeds

Earth is dead and gone now, we've brought it to an end

For the last time I've been betrayed

Never again will I subject myself to this hypocrisy

Something is drawing me to the other side

Only time will tell my true destiny

Iced earth

Angels Holocaust / Iced earth

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