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Written On The Walls

One the night the darkness fell

Across the naked land

A demon force was summoned up

From the bowels of hell

The stench of death grew thick that night

We knew it was the end

We run to find a place to hid

The land was raped and bare

The wind it blows a eerie cold

A fog that never lifts

Their tears will flood the land tonight

And the thunder's drowned by screams

As I lay here

Freezing veins of ice

What will be for me

What will be the price

Is it what they say

Is it written on the walls

Why can't we stop

This shattered worlds' fate

Why didn't we try at all

Armageddon town life is gone

We knew it was the way

Written down so long ago

Implanted in our minds

Our fathers told us of this hell

They read it on the walls

It's written on the walls

It's written on the walls

The frightened children know not why

And no one will explain

We've brought it all upon ourselves

An ending to this world

Forgiveness for your soul you pray

But it's written on the walls

Iced earth

Written On The Walls / Iced earth

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