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Vengeance Is Mine

Hear now this story of the man that should not be

A ghoul of blackened torment, sullen atrocity

A kindred soul to the devils own, malignance personified

Cast from his fire he molests the purest light

Profane to humanity menaced by flesh and bone

Screams of the unknown youth to him the sweetest tone

Undying in his will to kill his bloodlust is profound

For the blood of the lamb I've got to bring him down


For all the young lives you have slain

Fear now you shall obtain

Vengeance is mine

For every young one that has died

Your psychopathic genocide

Vengeance is mine

I shall do what the law won't do, I can make the sacrifice

For the families of these bodies

which held such precious life

Mine is not to ask forgiveness this deed I've proudly done

Without god without the devil this time I have won

Repeat Chorus

Iced earth

Vengeance Is Mine / Iced earth

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