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Iced Earth

What do I see

On the icy plains

The desolate one

It's my terrain

The wind it blows cold

Howling my name

I am the king

The king of this waste

Can't you see this barren land

Lain to waste

Ravaged, scorched, yet frozen

From your neglect

I am the formless one

I came to save

You are the chosen ones

You'll be my slaves

I stand on the glacier

Above it all

Watching them crumble

Watching them crawl

Iced Earth has risen

Nature will fall

Can you feel the madness here

Drawing you all too near

Earth, fire, water and air

Save yourselves from despair

We are together now

Crush the cowards, do it now

End the light, end the one

We have come to save

the young ones

So on an on

The story goes

Destroying yourselves

The pain it shows

Iced earth

Iced Earth / Iced earth

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