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 Iced earth Iced earthрок-группа


So the beast resides in me

Deep down I always knew

I never really did fit in

So diverse from all of you

Let him who understands

Know the number of the beast

It's a number of a man

A number just for me

As the boy becomes a man

Father's minions pave the way

Set in motion now, Armageddon,

Final conflict, end of days

I embrace the hounds of hell

And the power they oblige

For the task that lies ahead

The Nazarene I'll crucify

They'll see the raptures of our kingdom

They'll see the truth to mankind

I'll show what hell truly is

The monotony of their lives


When the Jews return to Zion

And a comet fills the sky

The Holy Roman Empire rises

And you and I must die

From the eternal sea he rises

Creating armies on either shore

Turning man against his brother

Till man exists no more


Now Disciples of the Watch

See your Prince of Darkness rise

Through famine and destruction

The Four Horsemen at my side

I demand a victory, I demand a sacrifice

Or spend all eternity

In the flaccid gut of Christ

Iced earth

Damien / Iced earth

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