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 Iced earth Iced earthрок-группа


He's ruled them for 20 years

And ravaged as their king

Conquest burns in his eyes

And ice shoots through his veins

Their leader's new ambition lies

Farther to the west

The empire that he seeks

The farther to the rest

Attila wants to take his place

Like the impetuous son

To make the entire world bow

To the kingdom of the huns

Alliance has been made

With many others clns

Frank and Vandal forces

Held within his hand

And by Attila's hand it's said

His brother met with death

To make his rule his legacy

He did his awful best

Ethele and Etzell

By many names he's known

But "scourge of god" is the one

That rings the darkest tone


Hell awaits behind gaul's gates

The roman's stand only to fall

They will die by his sword

The barbarian Lord

Attila hear's victory call



Path of fire and plunder

Cities burn and crumble

Attila's fate beckons

He will come to conquer


Archers stand at ready

Centurions all together

Keep to your lines

And the mongol's sure to falter


We will surely break them

We will overtake them

Fight till our deaths

Or the christians devastation


They won't overthrow us

God Will stand before us

Show us the path to the huns destruction

Sing to the sky, the battle cry

To propagate their fears

As terror is the weapon drawn

When battle has drawn near

And so the conflict is at hand

The gauntlet has been thrown

Contempt for the christian reign

This poison seed now sewn

And if by ch

Iced earth

Attila / Iced earth

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