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Depts Of Hell

Daddy Nitro: (Talk)

Now hear dis!

All bad man what dey a know

The original bad man dey a know, seen?

Daddy Nitro, an' Ice-T dey 'pon the ??man

Come talk wit reality

An' any guy who nah like dey got shot in ?? face

No Ice-T, come talk wit reality star

Tell them bout da endin of da world today



I got a attitude as thick as a convict's

Bomb ticks, my heart beats as I rhyme over hard shit

Watch this, the nigga that you didn't think could do

Break through wit the rythm that'll rock your whole crew

Thought you knew; I ain't no punk or no pooh-butt

Step to me, the cops are still diggin niggas up

What's up? What's up? What's up? You wanna try your luck

You move, you weave, you got stuck

And now you're trippin wit you fuckin brain

You never seen so much blood pour through one vein

You try to scream, you choke

You try to run, your legs are broke

You're bulletproof I hope...

Yo, I ain't no nigga to flex, but I will flip

Fuck up a nigga and dropkick his fuckin bitch

I love to squabble and I'm good wit it

So if you want some, nigga, come get it

I ain't trippin, nigga, trippin at all

Yo, I'm fuckin walkin over weak rapper's downfalls

It ain't my fault they fell, it ain't my fault I sell

I pull my ass up from the depts of hell

Daddy Nitro:

Lawd! Jib-dibbidy-bong, jib-dibbidy-bee-bon-ska-dang

Daddy Nitro an' Ice-T come wid a different some-thang

Comin out the ghetto tings are wild like pure 'ell

Nuff man get ?? in my firebomb sale

Some a sell coke but the music we a sell

We no inna doubt, we don't want no ambulance bell

While other lyrics are full of our style we fill up our clientel

Ice-T an' Nitro from

Depts Of Hell /

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