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Check Your Engine

Somewhere through this cave I'm in

Shines this light that's begging to be seen again

It seems the more I try and hide it

The clearer people can see

I could worry about the days of lost

Or enjoy those that I have left

It would be a sight to see

What I knew was me

When you look into my eyes

Everything's gonna be all right

I remember how that song goes

reach to the sky or you'll never know

no matter how hard it gets

you better check your engine

Still I trip and fall give up and say "that's all"

but that's not me

I couldn't wake up knowing

If you pushed me down I'd stop going

Sometimes it all seems to fall apart

Not enough yarn to mend my heart

And the record is skipping

Check your engine before you stop slipping

Full I feel there's something missing

Over & over the clock keeps ticking

Full I feel there's something missing

Check Your Engine /

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