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I have a Saturday night drive in a subway train

A lot of speed inside my brain

Shakin', breakin' it loose, the best that I can do

I gotta get out, gotta get out now

I wanna hear my wheels scream and shout

Get out of the subway

Get my wheels on the street

And start motorvatin'

Runnin all alone in a lowdown street

Just a searching for my medicine

And a little satisfaction from a woman, Is all I need

I gotta pull myself together

Hey hey hey, hear me say

I gotta drive right into the fire

And I'm burnin', burnin', burnin'

I'm motorvatin'

I've got skin thight jeans and high heel shoes

A leather jacket and nothing to lose

Gotta rock the nation, down the filling station

Don't try to get a ride in my Cadillac

You don't look good enough for that

Sure I am a loner but I'm never alone

I get by on my own

We've gotta pull ourselves together, hey hey hey, that's what I say

We've gotta pull ourselves together, hey hey hey, now hear me say

We've got to drive right into the fire, and start burning, burning, burning

We're motorvatin', we're motorvatin'


Motorvatin' / HANOI ROCKS

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