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Your Horoscope

As a person you're warm and reliable

This will always stand you in good stead

Your star is in the Ascendant at the moment

This could mean you will receive a large amount of bread

Your friends will remain fiercely loyal in stormy times

Your the kind of spirit who likes to think ahead

You're going on a journey to far off sunny climes

Your lucky flower is in bloom, your lucky colour's red

Sealed with a kiss in a blue envelope

Delivered with pleasure is your horoscope



Some changes are occurring in the next few weeks

A long-standing problem will be sorted out at last

Don't expect miracles, but look on the bright side

When you're in a hurry nothing happens fast

Stand by your beliefs because your star is genuine

Look towards the future, don't dwell on the past

Your animal's the elephant, your lucky bird's the penguin

And while you wish upon a star your universe is vast

Don't be afraid of the slippery slope

There's a new day tomorrow in your horoscope



It's time to embark on a dreamt about project

Throw caution to the winds and build that sailing boat

Answer that letter, it means so much to hear from you

Mum's kept every word you ever wrote

Always keep your own counsel in matters of the heart

But don't despair when the love sign seems remote

In a matter of moments life can make a new start

Though your heart feels like sinking, keep your spirit afloat

When things can ensue from a glimmer of hope

You can steer by the stars in your horoscope

Don't be afraid of the slippery slope

There's a new day tomorrow in your horoscope

Sealed with a kiss in a blue envelope-acapo

Иэн Дьюри

Your Horoscope / Иэн Дьюри

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