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 Husker Du Husker Duальтернативный хардкор


He lives in his imagination, with those friends of his very own

He doesn't get along with the outside world, he'd rather be alone

Sometimes, when it's late at night, he starts to wonder why

(the plans he made can never happen, so all he does is cry).

His parents, they can't understand why their son, he turned out wrong

He runs away from all the pain and forgets them when he's gone

He'd rather be all by himself because his plans, they seem the best.

He finally gets the nerve one day and now life becomes a test.

Mom and dad, i'm sorry

Mom and dad, don't worry

I'm not the son you wanted, but what could you expect?

I've made my world of happiness to combat your neglect.

Husker Du

Whatever / Husker Du

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