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 Gotthard Gotthardрок-энциклопедия

Ride On

Hunger , In The Saddle Again

I Just Can??T Say No

Thunder , The Call Of The Wild

That's When I Got To Go

Never Got Enough

Always Back For More

I??M On Top Of The World, I??M Alive

I Hear The Motor Rumble

N??Running Overdrive

Into The Night

Know I Gonna Find

Where Is The Road

For The Peace Of Mind

It??S A Neverending Ride

On The Wings Of Destiny

Don??T Know `Bout Tomorrow

Or What Will Be

All I Want Is

Ride On , Ride On

Under One Big Sky

Ride On , Ride On

Till The Day I Die

Devil , Gotta Wait For Me

I??M Down On "1O1"

This Happens To Be My Number

My Life Has Just Begun

Never Got Enough

Always Back For More

I'm On Top Of The World I'm Alive

I Got My Motor Burnin', Yeah

N' Runnin' Overdrive


Ride On / Gotthard

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